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[EP.26End] Svamey Bong Romlous ស្វាមីបង់រំលស់ สามีเงินผ่อน

[EP.26End] Svamey Bong Romlous ស្វាមីបង់រំលស់ สามีเงินผ่อน

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Title: ស្វាមីបង់រំលស់ สามีเงินผ่อน, Samee Ngoen Phon , Husband in Disguise , Samee Ngern Phon

"Samee Ngoen Phon" tells the story of Sattawat, a doctor who enters into an artificial marriage to pay off his debts, but another fact is that he actually falls in love with Anussaniya. However, for Anssaniya this marriage was done because it wanted to stop the impossible relationship between her and her uncle-in-law. At first the marriage happened normally, without any taste and felt very simple. But without anyone knowing that Sattawat was really in love with Anussaniya and found it very difficult to resist the feeling, it became as normal as it was at the beginning of the marriage.

Episode 26
Network Workpoint
Release 2022

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