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[EP.30End] Sontus Chit Yukvak Vaiy សន្ទុះចិត្តយុវវ័យ - 扑通扑通的青春 Dive

[EP.30End] Sontus Chit Yukvak Vaiy សន្ទុះចិត្តយុវវ័យ - 扑通扑通的青春 Dive

Videos [EP.30End] Sontus Chit Yukvak Vaiy សន្ទុះចិត្តយុវវ័យ - 扑通扑通的青春 Dive are never stored or hosted through on KS DRAMA - Stock Drama | SrokKhmer | video4khmer | Phumikhmer | kolabkhmer | sweetdrama -khmeravenue. All videos are embedded by our members, publicly available through third party video streaming websites such as Youtube, Daily Motion, Vimeo, and Facebook.

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Title: សន្ទុះចិត្តយុវវ័យ, Dive, 扑通扑通的青春, Pu Tong Pu Tong De Qing Chun , Plop Youth , Plop of Youth

A story that revolves around a diving team on the brink of disbandment. Coach Yu Feng grooms four athletes to represent the school and turn the tide for the diving team. She finds Jiang Bai Long, a former star of tomorrow in the diving world, Wei Te, an exchange student from Thailand, the newly-enrolled star athlete Lu Hao Ran and his partner Tian Lin.

Episode 30
Network Youku
Release 2019

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