[EP.01-39End] រូងមេឃឥន្ទ្រីទេព Roung Mekh Entrey Tep | Srokkhmer | Khmer Movie | khmer drama | video4khmer | movie-khmer | Kolabkhmer | Phumikhmer | KS Drama | khmercitylove | sweetdrama | HuniiTV | KHReplay Best | TVB Cambodia
Eagles and Youngster, 天坑鹰猎, Tian Keng Ying Lie , Tin Haang Ying Lip , 天坑鷹獵
Adventure, Historical, Mystery, Supernatural
Smart Male Lead, Strong Female Lead, Adapted From A Novel, Investigation, 1980s, Animal Abuse, Snowy Setting, Clan, Gender Discrimination, Uncle-Nephew Relationship
Karry Wang, Vicky Chen, Jiang Yi Yi
The main character begins a dangerous journey to find an antidote to save his teacher Lu Guohua and travels to a faraway snowy land full of pitfalls, where he makes friends with a group of hunters. During his adventure he rediscovers himself, matures and is no longer an ignorant boy.
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